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Breaking Shells, Finding Wings

“If you embrace the truth, it will release more freedom into your life.” John 8:32, TPT

Words spewed between my mother and me like lava erupting from a volcano. I sought refuge in my bedroom, but my familiar surroundings only heightened the intensity of the emotional tumult I felt in my soul. Tears streamed down my 12-year-old face, and I thought, Do I belong here? Where are you, God? It’s me, Shelley! I felt alone. Maybe I should just run away and never come back. Would they miss me?

Feeling numb, invisible, and invalid made me want to disappear. But somewhere inside I felt there was more to life despite the void haunting me. Physically, I lacked nothing, but emotionally I was starving for parental love, affection, and support. 

Revisiting childhood memories feels kinda like putting a jigsaw puzzle together with missing pieces. My parents were the missing pieces.

One of my earliest family memories is a beach trip we made in 1973 when we lived in Okinawa. The ocean’s waves danced across t…